Vista Village

Since 1949, Idahoans have made the short trip up from downtown Boise to Vista Village. As the proud anchor of the Depot Bench neighborhood, 'the village' caters to every neighborhood need. From a quick prescription fill, a bite to eat or convenient shopping and services, it's a shopping destination that has been proudly catering to Boise residents for more than 60 years. 

Vista Village Shopping Center in Boise, Idaho

Vista Village is the iconic shopping destination in Boise's historic Depot Bench neighborhood. Catering to the needs of families and friends from around the area, the shopping center is conveniently located, has lots of free parking, and has just the right mix of restaurants, shopping and services.

More than 74,000 square feet of retail is offered, with a mix of local business and national names. You can find us easily between the airport and Downtown Boise on Vista Ave - here's a map. 

You can learn more about our merchants or our history. If your business wants to make its home in Vista Village, click here

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